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Spa Cuisine at Chiva Som

Chiva-Som has won many international awards for outstanding spa cuisine, notably SpaFinder Magazine Reader’s Choice Award for Best Spa Cuisine and the Spa Asia Crystal Award for Best Spa Cuisine Menu. Your culinary senses will be treated when you check in to Chiva-Som.Our concept is to provide healthy cuisine but with so many flavours you will never notice it’s good for you! We will introduce you to the freshest produce delicately mixed with fresh herbs and spices to create flavours that will scintillate the senses and create delicious dining experiences. Our view of spa cuisine is that the moderation should be in the ingredients, not the flavour.
Chiva-Som chefs create daily menus to offer the widest range of dishes to suit a healthy lifestyle while satisfying your appetite. We include the tenderest steaks, the tastiest lamb, the softest chicken, the most delicate fish and the freshest vegetables combined with local herbs and spices to produce great tasting dishes.
Our philosophy is that our guests should take away not just a memory but also an experience which is why all of our dishes can be made at home using ingredients that can be purchased anywhere. We offer spa cooking classes and the Chiva-Som cookbook where the secrets of a healthy diet can be learned and applied at home.
You can also try Chiva-Som cuisine on board British Airways. Fly first class and sit back and enjoy great cuisine to help you arrive in better shape.

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Spa Tips from Aviva Spa

Tips for the NovicesThe proliferation of spas has more people heading for regular massages, facials and body wraps than ever before. Men, in particular are increasingly eager to improve their appearance and reap the health benefits that a trip to the spa can bring. Here’s some top spa tips for spa novices interested in taking the plunge.Feet FirstLet your feet do the resting. A foot reflexology massage targets pressure points on the feet to relieve tension from head to toe.
Saving FaceYou only have one face, so treat it beautifully. Aviva offer facials designed specifically for ladies and men.There is a wide range of facial treatments to choose, from the basic to the exquisite. Let our spa consultant recommends the right program for you, regardless of your sex, age or skin condition.
Skin DeepEnsure deep skin cleansing with treatments like the MarineWeed Scrubs and MudWraps which involve skin brushing, gentle exfoliation, relaxing scalp massage and an application of warm algae, rich in minerals and enzymes. Helps reduce water retention, boost metabolism and eliminate toxins.
Body BlissHeighten bodily sensory responses with special oil treatments. Aviva offers the Botanis and Aromis Body Massage with specially blended essential and herbal oils, applied in a full-body aromatherapy massage.
Taking The WatersExperience a hydrotherapy treatment in a tub and you will feel invigorated all over. For the first-timer, 15 minutes is all you need as the treatment really gets your blood circulation going. You can choose a Detoxifying with Mineral Salts, Energising Yang with Ginseng or Refreshing with Green Tea. This “taking the waters” spa ritual dated back to the Romans and has been updated since.
Flying HighDon’t let long-haul flights bring you down. Counter jet-lag quickly and effectively with our JetLag Reliever. This treatment promotes speedy recovery after air travel and includes a SkinRefresh Spa Facial and an invigorating Aromis Head & Shoulder Massage. We are just a few minutes away from Changi Airport by taxi.
Off the HookEscape that persistent cell phone a while and find focus in a Retreat Meditation Space. Busy executives can relax in a leather recliner surrounded by natural and soothing sounds and indulge in the luxury of uninterrupted peace in a sanctuary that is close to nature itself.

Sala Spa Phuket

Welcome to the Sala Spa where our primary aim is to help you reach a greater sense of equilibrium and wellbeing.Our contemporary Sino Portuguese inspired design delivers the sensual harmony of a tropical Chinese garden.

Step into our sanctuary and be surrounded with the calming effects of water and relaxation.Treatments are experienced in the serenity and comfort of one of our 5 air conditioned treatment rooms. Quiet simply, our philosophy is pampering you. Spend hours in the tranquility of your private treatment room.Where a host of unique therapies are delivered at the highest level for you to enjoy.

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Thipwimarn Resort & Spa

Thipwimarn Resort & Spa
Free yourself of the stresses weighing on your mind and body. Revitalize yourself and have a more relaxed and enjoyable holiday.

Here we have highly trained specialists in many therapies, including Swedish, Thai and Foot Massage, Body Scrub, Jacuzzi and, of course, a private Sauna.

Spa tips: Asian experiance

“Spa Enthusiast” magazine offers these tips for making the most of your spa visit:- Try to come at off-peak hours. Your spa experience may be more relaxing and leisurely when you’re there at a less crowded time.
- Explore the possibilities. Ask for a full description of any treatment that sounds intriguing. Be open to experimentation. That’s how you’ll find new treatments to enjoy.
- Get advice regarding scheduling. If you plan on having more than one treatment, ask if the spa has recommendations regarding the order in which you receive them. Choosing the right sequence may enhance your pleasure. Some facials are more suitable before a body treatment, and some are more appropriate afterward. Many spas will have packages that give you the treatments in the most appropriate order.
- Share your personal health history. The spa can help you plan accordingly. If you have conditions such as asthma, diabetes, or lupus, you should get your doctor’s okay for any treatment you’d like to try. People with high blood pressure or a heart condition may want to avoid body wraps or any treatment that involves heat or detoxification. Those with varicose veins may want to avoid heat treatments to those areas, and people with iodine allergies should avoid marine products such as seaweed. Pregnant women should avoid essential oils and anything that could raise body temperature, such as body wraps, saunas/steambaths and Jacuzzis.
- Mention any prescription drugs you are using in order to avoid any services or products that might irritate your skin or otherwise be harmful.
- Anticipate how the treatment will fit into your other plans. For example, if you’re having a facial treatment that may leave your skin temporarily irritated or blotchy, you may not want to go to a romantic dinner afterward.
- Allow enough time for your visit. Plan to spend a least 15 minutes sipping a beverage, relaxing, and chatting or enjoying some solitude. And try not to rush yourself at the end of your visit. This way you won’t have to be concerned if your visit takes a little longer than you anticipated, and you’ll prolong the pleasure of relaxation.

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The List of Day Spa in Bangkok

Spa de Bangkok
Our first-class facilities include a spa, hair and nail salon offering a one-stop solution for all your beauty needs. We offer a vast array of pampering, soothing, rejuvenating and relaxing treatments using the finest quality products from Shiseido
Bangkok Oasis
SpaOasis Spas One of Thailands fastest growing purveyor of premium spa treatments, was born out of a visionby Pakin Ploywaen & Toby Allen. Their dream is to provide a generation of spa enthusiasts with the ULTIMATE SPA EXPERIENCE by combining ancient
S Medical Spa
S, a luxurious medical spa located in the heart of Bangkok, offers clients who wish to optimize their health and appearance, the opportunity to revitalize their mind and body, to discover new energy, to feel and look younger and to enhance theirl
Sikhara Spa
Sikhara Spa offers the varieties of aromatherapy treatments, which are one of the gentlest versatile natural healing arts. Our age-old healing treatment combines the technique both Thai traditional and Eastern by using the natural of Thai original fr
The Sense Of Spa
The Sense of Spa Bangkok, a day spa in Bangkok Thailand, is one of the most popular bangkok spa which is designed for everyone like you. For wealthy people day already have enough choices to enjoy. But for most of us, nice professional day spa experience
Dulaya spa
Dulaya means balance. Achieving the balance between the body mind and soul is the key in experiencing of wholesome, healthy and energetic lifestyle. Dulaya spa  Thailand spa offers an experience of Bangkok spa with an authentic Thai culture and he
SpaSamsara is Sansakrit name, meaning a circle of life or circle of existence. The ancient visualized the universe circle as a constant play of enegies. Samsara Spa in the city of Bangkok provides calm and relax atmosphere, based on the concept o
Leela Thai SpaSeeking a fulfilling spa treatment? Leela Thai may be a perfect solution for you. Leela Thai has first operated in the name of Leela Thai Herbal Massage at Thonglor road which we have offered Massage therapies with warm and friendlyBuaSpaWe invite you to bloom like these flowers with a refreshing glow that comes from within your mind, soul and body. Indulge in luxury and comfort here as we transport you into a peaseful and relaxed haven with our traditional thai massage and aromatherapy
The Orientist Spa
The unique and exclusive place to relax and relieve yourself from the stress. Come and enjoy the warm atmosphere, be pampered by our friendly and experienced Therapists. Feel touch of paradise with our treatment. Using Thai Herb products to give you
Hapa Spa
Hapa spa Bangkok Spa is chic, modern and have a luxurious interior. We only have highly qualified massage and spa staff and superior service. We will ensure that you experience a complete harmony of the body and soul as combined with superior service
The Purple Spa & Skin Pamper,
The Purple Spa & Skin Pamper, a boutique spa located on Sukhumvit Soi 49, right in the city of Bangkok, is perfect for your relaxation and serenity. Our place, modern but simple look, is specially designed to provide you privacy and comfort
Siri Giriya Spa
Here, you will experience the signature recipe, exclusive and zenith treatment only at Siri Giriya Spa by more than tens of fresh-nonchemically grown herbs. Few secret techniques that will enhance your skin health and certainly, more firm

Lamongrass House

Some years ago while on holiday in Thailand, Bobby Duchowny visited an organic farm in Petchaboon province and became interested in the natural healing properties of Thai herbs and spices.
“Bobby Duchowny studied aromatherapy - a healing art that promotes massage, when combined with specific herb and spice oils, as a method to reduce stress, boost energy and heal certain physical ailments - at the American Aromatherapy Association.
“Some years ago while on holiday in Thailand, he visited an organic farm in Petchaboon province and became interested in the natural healing properties of Thai herbs and spices.
“I was particularly attracted to lemon grass as it was used in many popular Thai foods, as a medicine for stomach disorders and even as a repellent for mosquitoes,” he recalls.
Bobby used lemon grass as his signature herb to create a line of essential oils, face and body creams, shower gels and bath crystals, which he and his wife Palita sold at Bangkok’s world-famous Weekend Market.“Our advantage is that we produce the freshest spa products and our stock is never kept longer than three months; using fresh spa products is like eating fresh food rather than processed food.”
“Based on his years experiences at some of the top spas in Southeast Asia, Bobby has developed a full line of healthy skin care products. For example, his hydrating face and body creams have 25 per cent aloe vera, white orchid and cucumber extracts. And he’s developed a revitalizing mineral muscle soak made from Andaman sea salt crystals, blended with white orchid and chamomile extracts, to help draw out impurities and soothe and revive tense muscles.
“People are sensitive to different scents at different times of day. It’s a good idea to get a variety of essential oils and experiment with what smells and feels good,” he says. “Our aromatherapy massage and body oils can be either uplifting or calming to the spirit. They’re carefully balanced hand blended oils created by adding fragrant pure essential oils to nourishing, vitamin E enriched, sweet almond and jojoba base oils.
“Other therapies include a Thai tanaka and seaweed face mask used for centuries in Asia as a rejuvenator for skin damaged by the sun. But the Lemongrass House foundation is built on the fragrant, highly concentrated essential oils that are volatile extracts of flowers, leaves, spices, fruits, woods and roots, each with its own benefits to the body and mind.
“Lemongrass House on Phuket is located across from Surin Beach. Here Bobby and Palita offer their full range of spa products at modest prices, making perfect gifts for friends and family who can enjoy the aromatic scents of Asia in the privacy of their homes - no matter where in the world they live.